Stall and RV Assignments

TurninSpring19 stalls& rv

If you have any questions about Stalls or the RV Assignments, please call Jamie or Katie when the office opens on Thursday.

FAQ’s and other Information:

You must check in at the show office prior to your first run.

DRESS CODE – Cowboy hat or helmet, Long sleeve button up collared shirt or 2019 Spring  T-shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. No Ball Caps!!


Absolutely NO VET OUTS after the draw is posted. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

STALLS-$30 per stall per night

All overnight horses MUST BE STALLED!!  Tie outs are not allowed. This is a facility rule.

RV– $30 per night



TABS- No tabs for entry fees or stalls, etc.  You must be paid in full before your run for you to have a qualified time.

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