Turning Spring Show

No horses allowed to move in until Thursday at 4 pm!  No Exceptions!!

Stall and RV Assignments

If you have any questions about Stalls or the RV Assignments, please call Jamie or Katie.

FAQ’s and other Information:

You must check in at the show office prior to your first run. You must check in with the gate personal before EACH run.

Absolutely NO VET OUTS after the draw is posted. NO EXCEPTIONS!!


Thursday -5pm-8pm

Friday-10am- end of race

Saturday -7:30am- end of race

Sunday -Church is at 9AM – office will open right after Church

DRESS CODE – Cowboy hat or helmet, button up collared  long sleeve shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. No Ball Caps!!


HAT FINES– $10 for hats lost in the arena

STALLS-$30 per stall per night

All overnight horses MUST BE STALLED!!  Tie outs are not allowed. This is a facility rule.

RV– $30 per night

Training Sessions and Exhibitions – Friday’s training sessions and exhibitions will go on sale Thursday at 6pm. They will be available Friday until they are sold out.  Saturday’s Exhibitions will go on sale Friday at 5:30 pm.

All trainers must be paid for in person NO TABS or Call ins

TABS- No tabs for entry fees or stalls, etc.  You must be paid in full before your run for you to have a qualified time.

 Host Hotels