FAQ’s and other Information:

You must check in at the show office prior to your first run. You must check in with the gate personal before EACH run.


Thursday -5pm-8pm

Friday-9am- end of race

Saturday -8am- end of race

Sunday – Right after Church -end of race CHURCH IS AT 8am !!


DRESS CODE – Cowboy hat or helmet,  long sleeve button up collard shirt, jeans and cowboy boots or 2021 TN IBRA State shirt, jeans and Cowboy boots (a hat is not required with the Tshirt)  No Ball Caps!!

HAT FINES– $10 for hats lost in the arena

STALLS-$30 per stall per night

All overnight horses MUST BE STALLED!!  Tie outs are not allowed. This is a facility rule.

RV– $30 per night

Training Sessions and Exhibitions – must be purchased in person


4pm- gates open for arrival Please plan your trip accordingly and not arrive before 4pm.

5pm-8pm – Open arena


9:30am-11am- open arena

11am- 3:30 pm-training sessions ($15 per horse  for 25 min ;Max 10 horses in one session)

3:30-6pm -exhibitions $5 (60 second time limit $10 fine for going over)

6:30pm -$10,000 GUARANTEED Open 4D (youth, adult, and masters sidepots)


8:30 -11:30 -exhibitions $5 (60 second time limit $10 fine for going over)

112pm- 10&under 3D

Followed by :

  • Open 4D
  • Youth (18&under)
  • Adult (19-39)
  • Masters (40&over)


8am -Church

9am-Year Ends Awards Presentations

10:30AM- 10& under 3D barrels

  • Open 4D (sidepots for Youth, Masters &Adult)


All trainers must be paid for in person NO TABS or Call ins

TABS- No tabs for entry fees or stalls, etc.  You must be paid in full before your run for you to have a qualified time.

Refunds/Draw outs

After the Mail- in Pre- entries close (8/11/21), a refund of 75% of entry fees, stall fees, and RV fees will be granted to contestants with a valid doctor or vet release.   No refund on processing fees or credits card fees for any reason.

ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED AFTER 8/21/21 . DRAW OUTS RECEIVED AFTER THIS TIME ARE CONSIDERED SCRATCHES ONLY AND THE ENTRY FEES WILL REMAIN IN THE PAYOUT. All refunds will be mailed in the form of a check to the address provided  on the Wednesday following the event.

Documentation required for refund!

Refunds will only be granted if the Draw-Out Form is presented to show management before the deadline. It is the sole responsibility of the contestant to ensure that the form has been received by management before the deadline.


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